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Revolving Cylinder (WT200)

The WT200 is the most popular machine in the range. It can carry knitting heads up to 15" (380mm) diameter providing the knitted mesh is less than 20" (508mm) wide. The wire pay off system can be floor / pallet located bobbins with or without heavy duty snatch detectors mounted on a stand positioned near the machine, or a similar system for smaller bobbin sizes up to DIN 160 mounted on the top of the machine. This system is best suited for wire sizes above 0.006" (0.15mm) to 0.016" (0.4mm) diameter. It provides the best protection against faults in the knitted mesh caused by the wire snagging, by providing a reserve of wire whilst the machine is halted.


A positive feed system is available for wire sizes up to 0.006" (0.15mm) diameter which is the best system for semi- precious metals and delicate wires. The system also incorporates several detectors to prevent mesh faults and press-offs. The number of knitting feeds is six or more variable according to machine diameter, wire diameter and type of material.


Standard WT200 aerial assembly with wire snatch detectors
and bobbin cages accommodating up to DIN 160 bobbins.


Wire pay off creel with moving wire and wire snatch detectors.
The individual wire paths are also illustrated.


Striping mechanism (for single feed machines) to knit tubes that may be separated,
without producing a raw edge with loose loops.



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